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/ august 2014 /

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"Deeply attached to an unstable mother."

I will never have children. I had my opportunity, but it is too late now, my experience has made me hate the idea.

Also, I am actually a piece of shit and my mood vacillates so often, I could never subject a person who is solely dependent on me to any such instability.

But the absolutely horrible part of it; I do want to have a child. Just one. Just one to be a caring mother to, and I know I can never achieve any semblance of that, so I just won’t.

René Magritte, Le regard intérieur, 1949

René Magritte, Le regard intérieur, 1949

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It is a constant and sharp tugging. “You feel upset about what your slow, sloppy mass of a body has failed to achieve?. “You can’t quite decide what your always dulling brain is suggesting you are supposed to become at this juncture in your life?”

Just drink! Alcohol! At all times that you are not in the workplace! Hate yourself more than you ever thought possible! Pull and tug at all your hanging and sebaceous skin until you can find no reason to carry out your existence! Paste your self-worth precisely on how others react to your presence! Always be sorry! For anything! Even if you have committed no discernible offense!



photos by colin cameron from his home in the isle of lewis, in the outer hebrides. the island is home to the callanish standing stones, seen in several of the photos, which were erected about five thousand years ago.

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Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights (8,427 plays)


wuthering heights // kate bush

out on the wily, windy moors
we’d roll and fall in green
you had a temper like my jealousy
too hot, too greedy

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